A New Scam! Brought To You By Fastmediate.com

Here’s a new scam to go along with the proliferation of these new reputation protection websites. It’s pretty simple if you think about it, but how many people, especially small business owners, would freak out about an email like this and throw some money at it to make it go away?

There is a complaint listed about you on www.complainonline.net.
These type of comments will destroy your reputation and are
permanently archived on Google and other search engines. You will lose
thousands of dollars in revenue with a bad reputation.

You can find the complaint about you using the search function on the
top right corner of the Complain Online website.

We can convince the people who posted the comments to remove them. We
have a high success rate. The negative comments can be removed in as
little as a few hours.

We want $250USD for our service.

Thank you.

O.K. I better check it out…
complainonline page
So they’ve got the wrong company, I work for starcycle USA, not stars cycle. It sure seems like theres a lot of typos on their site, too. What’s this on the top? A link to the very same mediation company that sent me the email!
kick-back banner
This is all a little fishy, so it’s time to do a WHOIS lookup. They’re both registered anonymously through the same registrar, and both on the same day. It also appears that they were modified shortly after registration, again, both on the same day. So, it seems these sites are both run by the same person/company. This is definitely some kind of scam, or at least extortion. It would explain how they have such I high success rate in getting reviews removed!
Let’s check out the mediation company’s site:
mediation site
This site seems to be one page, with no services, products, or even success stories. What’s with all those little ? marks, too? usually that happen’s when some code is included in the source that’s trying to show a character that isn’t supported. Looking deeper, those marks are actually in the source code for the page, so someone copied this and didn’t even proof-read it. What about that paypal? It goes to a Taiwanese paypal payment page! Ah Hah! That’s the real give away. These guys didn’t proof-read their ‘company’ website, because they don’t speak English very well (odd, when the address given for their business is in the high class business district of downtown NY city). So how are they getting people to post complaints on their other complaint website, if it’s just as new and unprofessional? A little more searching leads to the final answer: They’re pulling reviews off of other reputable review sites and re-packaging them to look like theirs. Here’s the complaint about stars cycle from their site complainonline.net and here’s the one they violated copyright to steal complaintsboard.com.
Please do some research before handing over money to people like these! They’re just extortionist scum! At best they might dig up a legit complaint about your business and then post and remove it from their own website, but I highly doubt they’ll be able to remove complaints from the reputable sites that they’re stealing from!

fastmediate.com and complainonline.net. are both the same company! don’t fall for their scam!

9 thoughts on “A New Scam! Brought To You By Fastmediate.com

  1. This is a scam by a guy named Harris Black living in Thailand.

    I’ve written about it as well at the links below. I recommend anybody who has been contacted by this scam artist file a complaint with the FBI at the http://www.ic3.gov website.



    And you can read all about Harris Black here at the website another person set up documenting his decade-long history of crime:


    And also a summary that I wrote about him as well:


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