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Do you really want the lobbyist writing the biggest checks (RIAA & MPAA, we’re all watching you!) to control internet censorship? Please write to your representatives and senators telling them that you’re against these acts! I wrote this to my rep:

I’m assuming you’ve already received several messages like this, but I wanted to add my voice to those opposed to SOPA & PIPA. I believe the type of censorship allowed by these laws would directly contradict one of our most important rights as spelled out in the first amendment. The PEOPLE stand to lose the most if these are passed; the people who elected you to protect their rights and fight for their interests.
Thank You

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      • ATTN: YOUTUBE USERS,Worldwide mandatory enmfcreoent of the new YouTube channel layout goes into effect March 1st, 2012.The mandatory change is part of a site-wide effort to help mitigate infringing copyright violators and to reduce liability by Google Inc, and is resultant to expected passage of *revised* US Senate bills HR-3261 (SOPA2) HR-968 (PIPA2), which fundamentally change Internet usage under the auspices of United Nations and the US Federal Government under the Obama Administration.

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